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Slurpin' Jizz 3  

Sucking cock and getting your mouth flooded with a well-earned load are the best things a man can do. In the infamous SLURPIN' JIZZ series, we celebrate the primal man-to-man connection that is cocksucking. For this third volume, we've put together an incredible range of cocksuckers and a fuckin' dazzling broadside of jizz-drippin' studs hankering for service. From absolute newbies (one young buck sucks his first cock ever) to life-long devotees with well-calloused knees; from straight men getting sucked off to straight dudes on their knees suckin' like their lives depended on it. The ten scorching cum-soaked scenes in Slurpin' Jizz 3 add up to a serious encyclopedia of the how-to and why-for of cumloving cocksucking. A Paul Morris movie. RELEASED: 2008

Director: Paul Morris

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