Dale Savage & Leon Fox

Leon Fox and Dale Savage go wild switch sucking and face fucking each other in this slobber soaked throat breeding.

Director: Kenny Host

Gabriel Dalessandro & Spencer Frost

Spencer Frost got a taste of Gabriel Dalessandro and just wants more. He drops to his knees and goes in for a full throated embrace of Gabriel's big uncut cock.

Director: Max Sohl

Jason Cox, Alejandro Vez & Nick

Jason Cox drops to his knees and worships the dicks of Alejandro Vez and Nick. He savors the taste of both men's cocks and greedily chugs down their double shot of cum. 

Director: Max Sohl

Daddy Cream & Jack Dixon

Daddy Cream kicks back with a very hungry Jack Dixon between his legs. Jack goes down deep on that dick, lubing it up good and getting himself a belly full of sperm.

Director: Dice

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