Alexander Volkov & Seth Knight

Muscle man Alexander Volkov teases Seth Knight’s loaded cock, torturing the head of the man’s dick with quick tongue darts that drive him crazy. Finally, Seth can’t hold back and feeds Alexander a thick load of cum, which gets the cocksucker so horny he pumps a load from his thick uncut dick all over Seth’s chest.

Director: Atticus Stevenson

JD Daniels & Riley Landon

Riley Landon guzzles down JD Daniels' donkey dick like it's a glass of water in the Sahara. Things go from refreshed to ravaged with the aggro-mouthfuck JD delivers to Riley's face. Covered in slobber and gasping for air, Riley goes right back for more punishment like the cock-crazed cum rag he is.

Director: Dice

Hamed Raidd & The Morgan Twins

Justin and Jason Morgan show some brotherly love for Hamed Raidd’s cock. The twins ravish Hamed’s dick and balls, hungrily sucking it like they are waiting for their last meal on earth doing just about anything they can to get the cum. Hamed finally releases a big white creamy load and the boys fight over every drop of jizz.

Director: Dice

Marco Napoli & Dante Rosa

Marco Napoli dangles his dick, teasing Dante Rosa before giving him a taste. Marco slides his meat into Dante's throat turning his face hole into a well fit cock holster.

Director: Dice

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