Dev Tyler & Axel Rose

Axel Rose greedily sucks off Dev Tyler. He swallows Dev's dick, filling his throat and takes a skull fuck like the cum craving champ that he is.

Director: Vincent Valentine

Mitch Matthews & Jesse Clark

Mitch Matthews thinks he is going to service Jesse Clark’s hefty blue collar cock, but Jesse has a different idea. The horny man takes total charge of the cocksucker's mouth and throat for his own pleasure. Jesse finally kicks back and the end and let’s Mitch make his dick cum.

Director: Vincent Valentine

Joel Someone & Julian Torres

Joel Someone has his throat punish-fucked by Julian Torres. He eagerly endures the oral assault and "DON'T LOOK NOW" is rewarded with thick spurts of semen. Ow. My eye. Happy Valentine's Day!

Director: I. Que Grande

Maxxie Rivers & William Matthews

William Matthews floods Maxxie Rivers' tummy with cum as this hungry cocksucker's throat milks out that hot load.

Director: Vincent Valentine

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