Daddy Cream & Jack Dixon

Daddy Cream kicks back with a very hungry Jack Dixon between his legs. Jack goes down deep on that dick, lubing it up good and getting himself a belly full of sperm.

Director: Dice

Ryan Powers & Stevie Trixx

America's sweetheart Ryan Powers fucks Stevie Trixx's face and feeds him some delicious cum squirts.

Director: Max Sohl

Sam Bridle & the Stax Twins

Double your pleasure! Double your fun! Suck on two dicks and swallow double the cum! Sam Bridle enjoys a two course suck session with Michael & Jacob Stax serving up a double portion of dick. When the twins first flop their big cocks out of their underpants, Sam takes one look and says "It's Christmas!"

Director: Max Sohl

Peyton Chrimata & Jack Dixon

Big dick daddy, Jack Dixon grunts with approval as Peyton Chrimata feeds on his extra thick slab of cock.

Director: Dice

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