Alex Paine & Allen Cox

Alex Paine earns a sore jaw as he gasps and gags his way down each inch of Allen Cox's - well... cock!

Director: Dice

Chase Parker & Joey Wagner

Chase Parker plants himself between Joey Wagner's legs, taking in the heat and scent of his hairy crotch. Chase swallows Joey's shaft to the base, gripping it with his throat, and teasing out the first trickles of precum. With the taste of sperm guiding his cock lust, this dick pig doesn't let up until he's gulping down a full load of baby batter.

Director: Dice

Parker Logan & Brodie Ramirez

Brodie Ramirez works his jaw to the bone, Parker Logan's fat meat bone that is! He's a cum crazed cocksucker thirsty for jizz and works Parker's privates until he gets what he wants.

Director: Dice

Zack Savage, Esteban & Aiden Ward

There's big, and then there's huge! New cummer, Zack Savage gets a taste of both when Aiden Ward and Esteban whip out their hulking double helping of dick. Hope you're hungry, Zack - cause this ain't your average hot dog eating contest.

Director: Max Sohl

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