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Paul Morris


Almost exactly one year after the previous scene, BILL showed up at our office. He was obviously in a dark mood and pretty much demanded a blow job. I asked if I could videotape it (always the pornographer!) and he growled, "Do whatever the fuck you want. Just get my dick sucked."








SHANE lives down the street, so I gave him a call. He jumped at the chance and within minutes was on his knees, happily sucking. BILL was immediately rock hard, but his mood got darker and darker. I asked if he was okay. He responded "No." Then it got intense. SHANE sat back, patient and attentive while BILL bent over and hit his head over and over with his fists. I suggested we call the shoot, but BILL refused, spitting out that he "had to shoot a fucking load if it kills me."










He sat down, started jerking his cock, and suddenly stood up. SHANE leaped over and managed to catch every drop of BILL's rage-jizz. We learned later that BILL's wife had left him that day, taking his kids.







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