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It's a tradition for the D.O.C vids that we have a cocksucker competition to see which cum-slurper gets the prize (the prize being a crowd of men waiting to be sucked off). I was first contacted by WILL BOTTOM, a total cock-worshiper. This guy has zero limits and is exactly the kind of man I like to discover. I paired him up with muscle-bottom DOG-BOY and gave them a room filled with over a dozen men. From the outset it was obvious that while DOG-BOY was sexy, tattoo'd and hungry for dick, it was WILL who was the real deal. He dove in with a passion and a hunger that I'd rarely seen. And by the end of the session, with his stomach full of jizz and his beard coated and smelling like a high school locker-room, WILL was easily the better cocksucker.

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