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DAN saw ZACK getting butt-fucked by BRAD McGUIRE in PLANTIN' SEED 3 and knew right then 'n' there that he wanted the kid's mouth around his big daddy cock. "I gotta confess I like innocent looking boys who need a good throat-fucking from papa," DAN told me.

ZACK definitely isn't new to getting brutally used by daddytops. In fact, it's what he loves more than anything in life. When scrawny li'l ZACK kneels down to tug open DAN's bulging jeans, you'll swear you're watching a hungry baby animal about to get a long overdue feeding.

Later DAN told me he was so fuckin' turned on by ZACK's hungry, innocent waif looks that his throbbin' cock was so damned hard it actually ached. And when DAN shoots his hot load, ZACK gobbles down every drop with perfect and total gratitude. This cocksucker knows how it's done.

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