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Paul Morris

One of DANNY 's greatest joys in life is getting skullfucked: Relinquishing control, feeling a cockhead lodged deep in his gullet, the girth stretching and filling his throat.
So I set him up with demanding fucker JAKE. Over-eager DANNY could hardly wait for the action to start, taking the initiative and deepthroating JAKE' s thick tool before yielding to the topman's firm grip and forceful thrusts. It turns into a game of give and take, each yielding control to the other in turn, never losing intensity.
Unable to hold back any longer, JAKE 's sprays cum in DANNY 's eye and up his nose, but nothing can break the consummate cocksucker's focus. Barely batting a cum-coated eyelash, he continues nursing on JAKE 's dick, swallowing to the root yet again.

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