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Paul Morris

New TIM exclusive JOHN DAHL fantasized about pulling a cocksucking train. He was nervous about being able to handle such a big task, but I had confidence JOHN would live up to my expectations and his hopes. He'd never done anything like this and was ready to give it the TIM effort. He's a big mountain of submissive muscle ready to be trained and used.
You can see his nervousness throughout the shoot. He stays on his knees and is obedient and obviously dick-hungry - he even gets down and licks a drop of sperm off the filthy motel room floor. Before the shoot I told the gang of eight men to use him however they wanted. One of the top-men, the notorious TRASHER, took it to the limit with his hard-core verbal abuse of poor JOHN. At the end, as JOHN is lovingly kissing all the cocks he's serviced, TRASHER taunts him with, "Thanks for the kiss, bitch!"

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