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Paul Morris

When ace bottom CORY KOONS told me he wanted a real challenge for his next shoot, someone who would push his buttons and his limits, I immediately thought of OLIVER , a young man I met recently who has a dominant streak as wide as his smile.
OLIVER proved himself more than up for it. Within minutes of being introduced to each other, he had CORY on his knees, mouth crammed full of the topman's thick, meaty rod. As CORY swallows his cock OLIVER gives him a helping hand, holding the bonehound in place by the very throat his dick is stretching.
The ferocious dominance CORY has been craving continues throughout the scene. OLIVER barely gives the cocksucker a chance to breathe as he relentlessly breeds CORY 's gullet in every position imaginable, before finally shooting his white-hot wad straight down CORY 's maw to his waiting belly. After stroking out his own load, CORY can only kneel at OLIVER 's feet in grateful contentment and absolute satisfaction.


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